Does seo in guk have tattoo?

After the movie premiered, he also shared a more casual photo of himself in his own clothes. However, tattoos for paper were still there and surprised netizens, contrasting completely with their usual appeal. Although the film could be completely different from what fans expect from the actor, Seo In Guk continues to show his versatility in his roles. In the trailer, Seo In-guk showed an intense appearance of pointing a gun somewhere with blood and tattoos all over his body.

On September 22, Seo In-guk posted a photo through his SNS with the caption “Cute Jong-doo ♥” The film was released. With the release of the trailer for “Project Wolf Hunting”, fans point to the surprising contrast between the two characters played by the actor, as they share their boastful feelings about Seo In-guk's future as an actor. In addition to Seo In-guk, the film featured several actors with proven acting skills, such as Jang Dong-yoon, Jung So-min, Sung Dong-il and Jang Young-nam. With a star-studded cast, it'll be interesting to see what global audiences think of the film and Seo In Guk's new look.

Even at 34, Seo In Guk continues to bring down the Internet with his charming images and sheer beauty. The film starring Seo In-guk 'Project Wolf Hunting' will be released worldwide at the end of September after first premiering at the 47th Toronto Film Festival. Now, as a teaser for the movie, “Project Wolf Hunting”, fans see Seo In-guk as a criminal with tattoos all over his body that cause shivers in his back while singing praises about his versatile acting skills. The reason Seo In-guk put on makeup is because he played the first-class criminal killer “Park Jong-doo” in the movie “Project Wolf Hunting”.

In addition, Seo In Guk's attractive appearance also keeps many female fans uneasy, and his masculine charm is particularly impressive. Along with artists such as Jang Dong Yoon, Ko Chang Seok, Song Dong Il and many more, Seo In Guk stars in the new film Project Wolf Hunting.