How did alchemy of souls end?

A tragic end for the lovers Park Jin shoots his arrow at Mu Deok, but Uk covers it and Jin regains his attack. Jang Uk saves her from dying at the hands of Park Jin, but Mu Deok passes his sword through Jang Uk. Jang Uk doesn't hesitate and continues to whisper the name Mu Deok in his ear. Returning to the end of the final episode, Jin Mu gains control over Mu-deok after confirming that she is the soul changer Naksu.

He's desperate to prove his worth to the Crown Prince and the way to stop Jang Uk from leaving the capital is to cause chaos through Mu-deok. Fans are confused about how the K-drama will address the return of Nak-su's body shape. It burned down early in the season. But fans saw how Jang Uk's body was reborn thanks to the Ice Stone and the King's Star after being burned.

The ending also showed that Mu-deok's body was being saved from the lake. Jang Uk willingly sacrificed all his powers to break the barrier and the credit went to the Crown Prince. The only person who was quite unhappy was the Crown Prince himself. It was a rather unexpected scene to witness when Jang Uk literally revealed Mu Deok as his teacher in front of the Crown Prince.

You literally have to be foolish not to connect the dots at this point. Oh, well, all the intrigues and tricks, it's Jin Mu who wins. I don't think the first part of “Alchemy of Souls” needed more than 16 episodes, preferably 14, you could see that the drama began to grope towards the second half of its broadcast.