Is seo in guk ambidextrous?

Actor and singer Seo In Guk talked about his honest feelings for his acting and singing during the post-shoot interview for the fashion magazine InStyle. In an industry loaded with mediocre talent in exchange for a pretty face, Seo In-guk is slowly becoming a shortlist of idols and artists who basically have everything, and then some. Constantly rejected for being too fat and having to suffer from bulimia in order to act and be accepted in the industry, Seo In-guk was finally able to demonstrate his vocal talent after winning Superstar K. From being an adorable and chubby contestant on Superstar K and his first winner, to becoming an idol and actor in the hit drama Answer Me 1997, The star of Seo In-guk is constantly rising.

Many fans seem to be disappointed by how different Seo In-guk's character is from Yoon Yoon-jae, so this shows how much the current star of Seo In-guk depends on Answer Me 1997.Whatever happens, Seo In-guk will definitely be one of my favorites, after Answer Me 1997 and maybe beyond, and hopefully for Korea too. Like the rest of the main cast of Reply 1997, who used the authentic Gyeongsang dialect for his roles on the Busan stage, Seo had no problem doing the same, since he hails from Ulsan. More than just a talented actor, Seo In-guk is a professional singer-songwriter with a voice that can easily make your heart beat. Even though it's not becoming increasingly popular, I think that where Seo In-guk is right now is a perfect springboard for an even more successful career.

Seo In-guk plays the character of Myul Mang (from the Korean word myeolmang meaning destruction or perdition), a messenger between gods and humans. Undoubtedly, Reply 1997 launched Seo's career, as he chose the lead role when he was just a novice actor. Seo In-guk definitely gets a lot of coverage and publicity, but Answer Me 1997 didn't do its own all-star session at extraordinary heights, and any coverage presented to it seems to revolve around Answer me 1997, and not for its own good. This page provides information about Seo In-guk's height, weight, waist circumference (if applicable) and other information about Seo In-guk's body size.

Seo In Guk also added: “Before going to Superstar K, I didn't have much money, so I slept at my friends' houses. Seo In-guk's career got the boost it needed with Answer Me 1997, but it wasn't a single star show.