What is the last episode of alchemy of soul?

Love is in the air with a wedding on the way and the United Kingdom plays matchmaking while Jin Mu appoints an assassin to do his dirty work and become his scapegoat. Returning to the end of the final episode, Jin Mu gains control over Mu-deok after confirming that she is the soul changer Naksu. He's desperate to prove his worth to the Crown Prince and the way to stop Jang Uk from leaving the capital is to cause chaos through Mu-deok. The prince confirms to Mu Deok that he is going to marry Jang Uk and also that they will leave Songrim to live in a distant town.

The prince tells him that he is better and that he should not show up with Jang Uk because he doesn't want his petty jealousy to turn into perverse hatred. The prince no longer has to worry about the king's star, as Jang Uk will leave soon and asks Jin Mu to turn himself in at the end of the day. Jin Mu is trapped, but he hasn't stopped his evil intentions yet. He has to kill Cho Yeon's father because he knows everything they've done so far.

He seizes the cursed potion of shaman Choi and will use it against Mu Deok to check if it is Naksu, because he doubts it. I've already given up on Yul being the end of the game since the scene where he told her he would take her to SeoHo a few episodes ago. I don't think the first part of “Alchemy of Souls” needed more than 16 episodes, preferably 14, you could see that the drama began to grope towards the second half of its broadcast.