When did seo taiji debut?

Jeong Hyeon-cheol, better known as Seo Taiji or Seo Tae-ji, is a South Korean singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. The K-pop group debuted at a talent show in 1992 with their song O I Know, where the jury rated their performance extremely low. On the other hand, the audience loved it. His album Seo Taiji and Boys sold around 1.5 million copies just a month after its release.

Seo Taiji and Boys acted as an instrument of change in Korea, challenging censorship laws and the hegemony of television networks in the music market. Seo Taiji and Boys pioneered the snowboard look, which included dark sunglasses, ski hats and large parkas. From Seo Taiji and Boys to BoA, here are the K-pop groups that changed the course of the Korean pop industry. The three members of the boy band, Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Juno, experimented with many different genres of Western popular music.

This autonomy allowed Seo to bring Korean subcultures, such as heavy metal, to the forefront of popular culture and to challenge dominant social norms. They didn't know that the same song they performed, 'I Know', would reach the top of the charts and that Seo Taiji and Boys would become one of the legendary idols in K-pop history. Seo Taiji didn't have to rely on television networks either because he owned his own studio. The group sold more than 1.5 million copies of the album a month after its release, and Seo Taiji and Boys won a Gold Record by Nan Arayo in 1992.After the breakup of the heavy metal band Sinawe in 1991, Seo Taiji changed the subject and formed the group Seo Taiji and Boys with dancers and backing vocalists Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Juno.

Seo Taiji and Boys consisted of Seo Taiji, the group's leader, as well as Yang Hyunsuk and Lee Juno. After its dissolution in 1991, Taiji formed Seo Taiji and Boys a year later, which was an immediate success. In 1995, the Korean Broadcasting Ethics Committee demanded that Seo Taiji and Boys change the lyrics of Shidae Yugam. While there hasn't been an official reunion since then, Seo Taiji has performed several songs by his K-pop group Days with other idols.