Who killed seo byung-ju in law school?

A new culprit. This one took a while. Prosecutor Jin tells journalist Choi not to stab him in the back. He then receives a call from Professor Yang, who tells him that they have a new culprit in Professor Seo's murder case, Lee Man-ho, after he was caught trying to kill Professor Yang.

Professor Yang learns that Ki Du-seong stabbed him and alleged self-defense. He's the same man who stabbed Professor Yang. The prime suspect in Seo's murder is another teacher, Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min), who is investigating the murder himself, since he is not the murderer. The previous eight episodes have revealed many other people who might be suspects, including law students themselves, including Han Joon Hwi (Kim Bum).

Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi does some research with Ji-Ho and learns more about what happened with Byung-Ju in the past. Not only did he kill a boy with a car, but he also revealed Ji-Ho's father's statement, leading to him being killed as well. After Seo Byung-joo was found dead, it was initially suspected that Jong-hoon had killed him with a methamphetamine overdose. The latter left his career as a prosecutor after Byung-joo was acquitted of a bribery case and had evidence on his phone of a hit and run that Byung-joo allegedly committed.

Of course, I don't see it as a kind of absolution of responsibility on the part of Lee Man-ho or Seo Byung-gu and others, but rather an acknowledgment that Ko is a dangerous figure who must be defeated quickly and intelligently. Professor Kim with suggestions that Assemblymember Go, Yangcrates shake prosecutor Jin, Joon-hwi likes someone, but I don't think he followed up this time and, above all, Seol A disguised as Erica Shin. The mystery of Kang Sol A's sister's involvement in Seo's death also looms, given that she hasn't even been to the country. However, the plot so far implied that none of the four individuals were responsible for Seo's murder, although Joo Man was willing to confess to the murder in court because he thought his daughter had killed him.

He tells her that he doesn't think anyone else is in the car and asks the prosecutor to accept Ki du-seong's self-defense allegation and give the public what they want. Flashbacks show that Assemblyman Ko was in Professor Seo's car, and was hurrying him, saying he was late. Reviewing what happened in the past, he points out that Sol-B has been lying about what actually happened to Seo. When Professor Seo Byung-joo (Ahn Nae-sang) is killed on campus, both are involved in the investigation.

However, Kang also noticed the drugs on the table and was the one who apparently put them inside Seo's cafe. He wonders if he knew he was looking for his son and explains that there was a passenger in Professor Seo's car the night of the hit and run. Meanwhile, Joon Hwi investigates Jin Hyeong Woo (Park Hyuk Kwon), who may have had his own reasons for wanting Seo to die. Prosecutor Jin shows up at the hospital, and Professor Yang wonders why Lee Man-ho called him before his altercation with Ki Du-seong.

He asks the prosecutor to investigate thoroughly and not to mess with him. He believes that Ki Du-seong was ordered to kill Lee Man-ho. After all, for Ye-seul to win the case is not the end of the story, but that of Professor Seo, and defeating Assemblyman Go must be the ultimate goal.