Will seo yul die?

With the cast confirming the focus on Seo Yul's family in the second part, K-drama fans are wondering about Jin. Meanwhile, fans discover that So-used the bloodworm to help save Seo Yul while he was mortally wounded. However, you experience painful side effects and it's not clear why. Park Jin discovers that the servant Kim had feelings for him right from the start.

She asks for her hand in marriage with a handful of seeds so that they can flourish in the garden she has always dreamed of. Seo Yul is the only Jeonjingak wizard who has mastered Chisu and is the first of his companions. He is not only intelligent but also a skilled fighter. That's why the prince asked him to fight with Uk.

Yul only accepted the request because he wanted to separate Mu Deok and Uk. He fears that Jang Uk will create chaos to protect Mu Deok once his truth is known. Yul wins the battle, but Jang Uk fights hard and surprises everyone by using his Chisu skills. Mu Deok goes to Yul as promised, but he allows him to visit Jang Uk at any time.

Uk is upset that Mu Deok didn't visit him after the duel, but she can't blatantly go to him without finding the jade. Mu-deok and Jang Uk have a small fight, and he hugs her to show his gratitude to her as a student. To prove it even more, they share their first kiss. The drama is far from over when Nak-su meets someone from Mu-deok's past, leading her to find another person who knew her.

Find the man dead and trapped by Park Jin. Meanwhile, Master Lee, Jang Uk, Seo Yul and Dang-gu visit the king. They learn that Master Lee is a soul changer. Park Jin, Master Heo and Master Lee believe that Jang Gang will return soon, as Daeho is once again plunged into chaos, and the servant Kim has been waiting for him with a letter from Master Lee.

Jang Gang returns, not to his house but to Cheonbugwan, where the Gwanju is. So Yi and other wizards save Yul, but the soul changer is still alive. Yun Ok tried spells on him, but he was too powerful. Elsewhere, Jang Uk expresses concern that she can't visit Mu-deok in Dang-gu, while Seo Yul shows the maid a bird that used to send letters.

With the cast confirming the focus on Seo Yul's family in the second part, K-drama fans are wondering about Jin Choyeon's fate. Meanwhile, Jang Uk and Seo Yul meet with the Crown Prince and reveal the queen's true identity to him. However, other wizard families didn't know that an ice stone still existed after Master Seo Gyeong destroyed them all. He tells Uk that he could return to Seoho's fortress as soon as he dominates Chisu, but he wants to take someone with him.

However, even after Jang Uk imitates the spells learned in his previous duels and gains the lead, Seo Yul ends up winning. Unable to know if Jang Uk can save the world like Seo Gyeong, or do the opposite, Master Lee wants to continue watching the young master and get rid of the wizard's powers with his bare hands if necessary. On August 2, Korean media outlet YTN confirmed the casting of Do Sang-woo as Seo Yoon-oh, an ambitious magician from Seo's prestigious family. In several historical K-dramas, after the male protagonist gives his love a “norigae”, Joseon's tassel accessory, the woman dies.

Elsewhere, Seo Yul realizes that Dang-gu knows that Jang Uk always listens to Mu-deok, thus deciphering that his friend knows who she is and that he also wants to protect her. Upon learning that Seo Yul has gone to get the blankets, Soi hurries to stop her crush from meeting with Master Kang. Back in Jinyowon, So-i tells Lady Jin that she knows her daughter's advantage in getting medication for Seo Yul.